Quitting the dating game

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Quitting the dating game

I’ve had some really great flings and a few really memorable relationships with some really amazing women I’ve met through Bumble and Tinder.

My former students too from varying walks of life have had successes in finding love on all the various online dating platforms from all the way to JSwipe.

After countless exposure to the same “type” the experience of dating can lose its excitement. Get to know the person, voice your concerns, get over them, and continue on. Sometimes single men and women do realize that the dating scene gets tiring.

After a while, seeing the same result, wears you down emotionally, physically, and mentally, so you begin to feel this desire to just give up. What you need to do is follow the steps below so that you can continue dating and stop yourself from giving up all altogether. Express why you’re approaching this relationship with ease. It’s annoying, it gets boring, and the notion of the same experiences lead to the same outcome embeds itself within a daters mind, leading to skeptical, tired daters.

But, even after a few years of experimenting with it, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from all online dating platforms ranging from Tinder all the way to (just kidding, however I did experiment with this too at one point).

After experiencing one too many dating let-downs and at peak fed-up-ness, I’ve sworn off men, toyed with becoming a lesbian, and considered getting cats. Guys are fun, girls don’t rev my engine, and I’m allergic to cats. I kid you not, within a month all those dudes were suddenly interested in my life. We go to certain places because the guy we’re talking to might be there. In trying to mirror their interests, that’s how I spent my time as well, which didn’t work well. There’s so much truth to the adage “You can’t love someone until you love yourself.” We yell about how our love life is disastrous, but we don’t do anything truly different. I don’t think it’s healthy to bounce from guy to guy while trying to work out all the bs kinks in dating. I admit the title of this post may sound a little biased towards why you shouldn’t do online dating or even dating apps for that matter.It’s not meant to be biased or per say another one of those “Modern Romance” type analysis on the hookup culture and the state of dating today.The dating game is when a single man or and woman play’s with the emotions of their dates by dating different potential matches consistently, with no break, making the dating process tiresome and boring.However, what daters don’t realize is that too much dating, leads to tiredness when you experience no success.

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So I challenge you to take a tech fast and put yourself out there for the summer.

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