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Rafael nadal dating 2016

As the meal continued, the Spaniard continued speaking in an animated fashion, his hands raised.

During the exchange, Perello looked strained as she wiped her nose with a white napkin.

He won his ninth French Open championship by topping Novak Djokovic, in June 2014.

The two left the restaurant together but appeared to keep their distance from each other as they walked.

Thiem has spoken of the couple's relationship potentially making him a popular figure with fans in Paris.

Discussing whether his romance with the home favourite endeared him to locals, he said: "I hope so."Of course, people know I am with her and I think they really love her, so they take me into their hearts too."There was already a very good atmosphere every time I played in Paris last year."If the French people are for me, I think it's a big bonus."We both love tennis, we do not just play tennis but we are also fans, it's nice to speak together and analyse it because we both understand a lot.”Thiem and Mladenovic began dating midway through 2017 though both have busy schedules.

His girlfriend Mladenovic is expected to be in the stands watching her partner and hoping he can make it a famous double.

Mladenovic is a professional tennis player herself and won the French Open women’s doubles earlier on Sunday.

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