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Rebecca budig dating

Budig described the character as "ballsy and very direct" similar to her former All My Children character, Greenlee Smythe.However, Budig continued, "this one is much more out there then Greenlee." Budig admitted that she was even surprised by some of Hayden's actions.Curtis is soon revealed to be the brother-in-law of Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) and uncle of her son, TJ (Tequan Richmond).Jordan is not happy to see Curtis, and demands that he leave town.

They found out that it was Julian's sister Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) that did it and framed Sonny in covering her tracks as well as kidnapping Sonny's longtime best friend Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly Mc Cullough); the information confirmed Curtis, Jason and Sam's story.

He also talks to Curtis, who convinces TJ to give Jordan another chance.

Curtis tries to convince Jordan to give him a job as an officer, saying that he's changed, but Jordan has a hard time trusting him.

In the middle of 2015, Jordan replaces Kyle Sloane as police commissioner.

In early 2016, Jordan begins dating Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery).

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Commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department Formerly employed by the Corinthos Organization (while working undercover for Anna Devane) Former Agent for the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency Former Head of Distribution for the Jerome drug operation (while working undercover) Former Gallery manager at the Jerome Agency Former Drug dealer Formerly employed at a dentist's office Jordan comes to Port Charles upon learning that TJ had found himself caught in a mob war between Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Julian Jerome (William de Vry).