Ritesh deshmukh dating

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Ritesh deshmukh dating

When they had started dating, Genelia was in her late teens and Ritesh in his twenties. Genelia summed it up perfectly in an interview when she said, “Formal proposals are mere rituals.

It’s important to be happy with the person you are with.” So, Genelia proudly shows off her bare fingers, devoid of that sparkly engagement ring. Perhaps this couple is more romantic that they give themselves credit for!

When Ritesh walked into the airport that day, he met Genelia’s mother before meeting her.

When he did meet the leading lady who was to be cast opposite him, she was looking away from him. Genelia, on her part, had expected Riteish to be a spoilt brat as she had heard that he was a politician’s son.

They would spend a lot of time discussing architecture and Genelia’s college and her exams. Once Riteish reached Mumbai, he had a startling realization that he missed Genelia.

He spent a few days wondering whether it would be appropriate to call her.

When Ritesh and Genelia met over ten years ago, neither of them could foresee how their affection would blossom into love.

The people most surprised by the romantic turn of events in their case was – themselves!

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Sometimes, true love may just be lurking right under your nose, and will make its way into your heart, slowly but steadily.

And no bigger testament to this than the event that was the Genelia – Ritesh Deshmukh marriage!

And what a great thing that she decided to go ahead or she would not have met Riteish.

What actually happened when the two met for the time is a truly funny story.

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This duo is really a stellar example for the all the couples who believe that sweeping, romantic gestures are not really for them.

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