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Roman dating cheats

Follow the marked route on your radar to reach the spot.Jermaine is caught by the authorities while picking up the goods, earning you a two-star wanted level.Keep an eye on the other side of the street and eventually a car will park there and a couple of men will step out.At this point, bring up your cell phone, enter the “Phonebook” menu and give Roman a call before the two men reach the door.Drive over there and hit the marker outside of the apartment to drop them off, then head over to the clothes shop down the street and step inside.

Once you have taken care of both of them, sprint over to Roman’s car and start after Dardan.Get yourself a ride and make your way to the ‘R’ symbol on the radar. Get in Roman’s car and drive to the hardware store on Dillon Street.When you reach the spot, Roman hands over a cell phone with his number in it; he wants you to idle outside and keep on the lookout for loan sharks.Stay close to the target until you reach an old warehouse.At this point, Dardan will abandon his car and try to escape on foot. Move down the walkway until you come to the warehouse.

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