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Some of these provide forms of communication which would be as difficult for early man to believe and understand as it seems to be for some Astronomers and others to believe that the ORIGINAL planets can still communicate influences to man today.

Since these influences affect only the feelings, and the individual does have free will to make his own decisions, Astrology cannot meet a “scientific test” of “repeated results under controlled conditions”.

The Sun is in Taurus from approximately April 20 through May 20.

Astronomy also helps modern man to place his own stars (satellites) in the sky.

Thanks to the diligence of the ancients for preserving the records and to the enormous capacity of computers to store and sort information, today’s Astrologer can cast a better chart and interpret it more accurately and completely than ever before.

The Natal Chart interpretations are found by computing the astrological data for the date, time, and place of your birth.

Please try to keep an open mind and read the Natal Report all the way through. The individual always has free will to make his/her own choices. SUN 19 Tau 23 NEPTUNE 7 Sco 27 MOON 2 Sco 57 PLUTO 3 Vir 36 MERCURY 10 Tau 32 ASC. How many times have you had people identify themselves with the statement: “I am a Leo, I am an Aries, I am a Pisces”, etc. Even when these simplistic statements are true, there are many more influences in the Sun-sign of each individual and many other astrological influences that affect that individual’s personality.

We will address all these concerns, and more, on the last page. Your horoscope reveals the astrological imprints upon your personality at the time of your birth. 22 Cap 48 VENUS 7 Tau 38 MC 28 Sco 49 MARS 29 Pis 02 2nd CUSP 23 Pis 55 JUPITER 3 Cap 00 3rd CUSP 4 Tau 59 SATURN 18 Cap 18 5th CUSP 16 Gem 20 URANUS 17 Leo 02 6th CUSP 2 Can 38 Aspects and orbs: Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min Opposition : 7 Deg 00 Min Square : 7 Deg 00 Min Trine : 7 Deg 00 Min Sextile : 5 Deg 00 Min YOUR ASTROLOGICAL IDENTITY The sign which the Sun was in when you were born tends to give you your astrological identity. If astrology were taken no farther than the Sun-sign, it would be telling us that we are like every other person who was born under our particular Sun-sign!

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