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And I spent a lot of time in high school curled up in bed (or my beanbag chair) to talk to a boyfriend — on the family landline, of course.

I definitely don't have time to enjoy as many leisurely phone conversations anymore, but I do talk to a friend or two just about every day, and it makes me a better person.

And it’s certainly not okay to send or receive a sexual message if you are underage, cheating, or purposely exposing someone else without permission.

But if the recipient is your trusted partner, and you’re using caution, sexting might be the perfect way to overcome inhibition and add excitement to each other’s day.

You’ll need to agree on whether to delete the texts or pics immediately for protection from other eyes or allow your partner to savor them for later.

Discussing ground rules ahead of time also prevents your partner from feeling surprised, vulnerable, or perhaps invaded, by an unexpected, highly sexual message interrupting their day.

CONS: People's excitement and intensity will be based on the net connection (speed).Here are some basic tips for getting started: How to start?In some relationships, just sending a sext might be enough to start the fun.Commenting on recent or past sexual encounters that were particularly hot can embolden you to add a fantasy for the future.Sexting is a great, positive way to direct your partner in better technique by explicitly asking for certain touches.

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A lot of people don't enjoy talking on the phone; you're either a "phone person" or you're not.