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I think that any virtual world that wants to get into the sex market needs to have really good-looking, realistic avatars, and these… The clothing I tried on, in particular, was very poorly made (I guess the point is, you’re not supposed to be wearing any? And the addition of somewhat juvenile hunt games ( the madam find her champagne receipt she left at the café) seems completely out of place in a virtual world designed and intended for adults. Basically, you’re sitting in a movie theatre, watching the individual weekly episodes of the “Pornhub Games” on a screen.

This offer won’t be around forever, though, so why don’t you give it a try now? Frankly, if you’re actually looking for a virtual world to fulfill your sexual fantasies, you’d be better off sticking with Second Life, the established front-runner with over 15 years experience.The soft launch is intended to stress-test the platform prior to its official launch on Aug.2, alongside an affiliate program for promoting the new platform.Search on “Oasis VR” or “Oasis game” and you get the Ready Player One-branded experience by VIVEPORT, or the Chinese game company.Search on “Oasis adult” or “Oasis sex” and you get the Oasis Aqualounge, a “sexual adventure playground for adults”, which appears to be a swingers resort in downtown Toronto. It’s just too common a name for too many other things on the Internet.

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I checked.) You can switch from desktop mode to VR mode by hitting the F12 function key on your keyboard.

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