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When Fiona first appears, she projects the traditional heroine’s inability to act self-assertively (Rowe 1979: 237) typical of fairy tale princesses who wait sleeping to be rescued by their prince.However, this image quickly vanishes as can be seen: Example 1 In this scene, Fiona hears the knight’s footsteps and lays back down on the bed, preparing herself for a happy ending typical of fairy tales, the long-awaited moment in which she is to be kissed and rescued.As an analytic category of ‘reality,’ gender is a concept that refers not to difference but to the processes of differentiation that between the sexes (Sánchez 2007: 172).From this perspective, gender stereotypes are created on the basis of binary oppositions between the actions, roles and responsibilitiesconventionally attributed tomen and women.The traits of those groups of people usually have an evaluative connotation that makes them view things either positively or negatively (Oakes and Reynolds 1997: 54).However, there is always a looming danger that stereotypical perceptions can become crystallised into prejudices (Rieger 2006: 280), since these attributes frequently acquire a negative connotation.This movie is considered to be a film where the classic fairy-tale paradigm is turned upside down.

Over the past twenty years, much research in translation studies has been concerned with the study of translation as a place of reproduction and/or split from hegemonic representations of gender in Western cultures (Kamensky 1996, Simon 1996 or Holmes and Meyerhoff 2008).

Animated films have been, in principle, characterised by their simple plots and their classification of characters into two groups: the heroes and the villains.

This simplification of reality is known as stereotyping, a concept introduced by Lippmann in 1922 (1922).

Stereotypes can be the result of ignorance, distorted images, racism, cultural factors and generalisations based on exaggerations or oversimplifications.

In spite of being regarded as ‘fixed’ notions (Merriam-Webster), stereotypes are directly linked to the socialisation process and can consequently be changed.

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According to Macrae, Stangor and Hewstone (1996: 10), stereotypes are a reflection of a society’s collective knowledge of customs, myths, ideas, religions, and sciences.

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