Skits involving dating

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Skits involving dating

The last word in each of the lines has to rhyme with whatever word was given by the host, meaning its an AAA etc. After a player is called out, the host gets a new one syllable word and the rap starts over again.Players compete with each other until only the true rap master is left.

The two players on stage are the childs parents and have to do their best to answer the constant questions.If a player uses the wrong letter, takes too long, uses a weird word, or doesnt help the scene move forward, then they are replaced by a player waiting in the line off stage.The host can change the scene and pick a new letter after a player is replaced.Then the host gets another suggestion and players B, C, and E have a separate, new scene together.Rotate right again, new suggestion, and players C, D, and E have a separate scene together.

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Right after interviewing the Featured Audience Member, the cast will sometimes play this freeform game using the answers. Two players start on stage and the host gets a suggestion for the scene, in addition to a letter to start the dialogue with.