Ssis package not updating database

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Ssis package not updating database

Step 1: Launch SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server instance where you want to create the SSIS catalog.

You will be allowed to create it on SQL Server 2012 or later instances.

But I dont know how I can use it to update records. Some of us are here to help others and our point to post ratio matters.

Enter the password to protect the database master key that is used for encrypting the catalog data.

In earlier versions of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), we used to keep SSIS packages either on a file share or in the MSDB database and configuration parameters such as connection strings and sensitive data either in an XML file or in a SQL Server table.

The downside to this was that this was unprotected.

For example, you set project and package parameters, configure environments to specify runtime values for packages, execute and troubleshoot packages, and manage Integration Services server operations.

The objects that are stored in the SSISDB catalog include projects, packages, parameters, environments, and operational history." The SSISDB catalog stores the packages that you've deployed to the Integration Services server, but before you can deploy the projects to the Integration Services server, the server must contain the SSISDB catalog.

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