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Stink fetish dating site

You simply flipped a coin, or you could sign up for both to find out which was the right site for you.

Considering how many geek dating sites there are online now, that would be next to impossible, so you need to rely on dating site review directories like the one that we've put together below.

Perhaps you have a friend who's used a geek dating site before that they would or wouldn't recommend to you.

So there are a lot of things to consider, but our team has taken many of those things into account when researching the dating sites below.

Following up on what your profile pictures should look like, you should take a look at other users on the site you sign up for, and see what their photos look like.

One of our favorite types of user photos are ones of geek singles standing in front of their collections of geek ephemera.

We all know how popular online dating has become, and sometimes it's hard for a geek to sign-up for a dating site and see nothing but people who look like the social butterflies who you were either too shy to ask out in high school, or who were perhaps mean to you.

So get a friend to take some well-lit photos that put your best foot forward, and let other members of the site know who they'll be going out with.

Even though you might have a killer Guile from Street Fighter costume, your date probably isn't going to want to take a video game character to their favorite restaurant.

So instead of potentially making things awkward in your TNG community, you can simply look to find a date from a local database of geeks who you know for a fact are interested in hooking up with other geeks (like you) in your area.

In the early days of geek dating sites, there weren't as many as there are now, so your choices weren't quite as plentiful as they are now.

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They may not love Tom Baker as much as you do, but at least there will be a level of shared interests, and common language (we don't mean Klingon, but you never know...).