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According to tai chi principles, finding harmony between these two opposing forces of nature brings balance and longevity into your life. While many forms of the practice exist, it often combines slow and smooth movements with quick, sharp jabs often seen in fighting or martial arts.It consists of low stances as well as explosive power movements.Combining controlled, choreographed postures with a side of spirituality, tai chi is loosely based on Chinese martial arts and arrived on our shores in the 1940s — a time when no one could have predicted how many health studies would one day center on it.But while you might be able to imagine how this “meditation in motion” could help lower blood pressure and stress or boost the immune system, there are muscle-building benefits to tai chi, too."Then it ceases.” We can apply this in the gym with resistance training. Applying three basic tai chi principles could improve your performance.

A common training error in tai chi is to be too relaxed. This can be dangerous and lead to more stress on the tissues and joints rather than reducing that stress.

With its spiritual roots in , the practice's name can be translated to “the ultimate of ultimate”—which is probably more hardcore than you would've thought.

It consists of exercises designed to bring opposing yin and yang elements of the world into harmony, peace and balance.

But this ancient movement practice is not just for the 65-plus crowd.

Tai chi has many , like reducing stress, improving strength and balance, and reducing the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic pain.

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  1. Try not to get caught up in searching for happiness in someone else’s version of life. It’s okay if your greatest joys come from reading a book, or going for a walk, or talking to a child, or hiking a mountain.