Teenage dating studies

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He/she may develop irrational fears and insecurities regarding dating, approaching the opposite sex, or just dealing with them in any circumstance in life. The mind of a teenager is like wet clay; even the slightest of touches can leave long-lasting imprints.

Fears, doubts etched on the mind at this age can be carried by the individual for the rest of his/her life.

But just because you know how to make instant noodles doesn't mean you know how to cook, does it?

So whether you allow your child to date or not, would depend quite a bit on what you think and believe in.

However, the key to get your teenage child to agree with your views is to put them across in the right way; with enough sensitivity and sincerity to protect your child's interests, but also with enough austerity to ensure your child safety. Have faith in your upbringing, and your child will sail through a perfect teenage, which you can both reminisce about years later.

Given the situation, should teenage dating be allowed? As your child approaches teenage, I am sure the same though that bothers parents of teenagers all over the world will come to occupy your mind too - teenage dating. You watch Little Manhattan and you feel like the writer and director were spying on you before they made the movie.

I am afraid there isn't one correct answer to this question. Immediately she thought of Eric, and a sweet smile danced upon her lips. That guy from class touches you, only to pat your back, or hold your hand maybe; and you get goose bumps!

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If teenage dating is one such experience according to you, you could stop your child from dating.

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