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Textfree sex

The app assigns a random phone number, making it compatible with SMS providers.

It's very ad-intense, though -- and if you want to do away with the commercials, it will cost .99 per year.

Some texts can hurt sensibilities, but we feel the need to have them for various reasons we will not explain here and now.

In fact, 'on the edge' themes are much more popular than others, as you can see by the 'views' and 'rating' numbers, they are real and have never been edited.

Parents need to know that Textfree Unlimited is a workaround for kids and tweens who don't have a cell phone, but still want to text with their friends (and who covet the all-important phone number).

It's also a way for i Phone users to lower the text charges on their monthly bill.

It's very ad-intense, though -- and if you want to do away with the commercials, it will cost .99 per year.

I used this app when I was 16, when I didn't have a phone because my parents didn't allow me to have one.

Overall I think its a great app, and that parents should decide whether their kids are mature enough to use the app.

We have now added a Text Message Filter that will strip many common abusive words from messages and replace them with other characters.

CONTACT: Barbara Burns PHONE: (716) 843-5817 FAX: (716) 551-3051 Buffalo, N. According to the victim, the two continued to communicate on the internet application Text Free, making plans for the victim to travel to California.

Unfortunately, this app could very easily be used for cyberbullying. Its great that my 10 yr old daughter can text me, but she started getting random msgs from people/men with very inappropriate things.

One msg talked about drugs and another msg from someone else talked about fu*$king c*@ts.

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