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Thedatingchicks com

Mostly I was just way more into him than he was into me and he wasn't considerate about showing me that he cared.So I was constantly trying to make him love me and there was a constant feeling of uncertainty.Sometime a perfectly gentle and caring bf who attends to each and every one of your needs does not translate well in bed.I honestly do not think its a size issue, from the sounds of it, the ex was dominating in bed as he was in the relationship and that is what turned the OP on the most.This makes me feel very bad, and sometimes I also cry after it because it's kind of pathetic. There are some physical parts of my ex that my current bf can't change about him but if he could change the way we have sex a bit like I had it with my ex it could potentially become even better and those feelings would go away. Telling him to be more like my ex in that regard would hurt him because he knows him as well and dislikes him a whole lot;dr: I still have strong sexual feelings for my ex that won't go away unless my boyfriend changes the way we have sex. Then start addressing the list one item at a time with current BF when yall have sex.Also, please don't get too caught up on the masturbation thing..people (especially women) find it easier to orgasm from masturbation than from sex.But whatever you choose, you are better off without your ex and you also deserve good sex. I don't think you even need to mention your ex to your bf, just say that you want to try some different things in the bedroom - it's perfectly ok in a relationship to express your sexual preferences. You're allowed to say these kinds of things without making it about your ex.

It's a very compassionate and emotional relationship and he is the person I have been the closest with in terms of emotional connection.Your boyfriend meets your emotional needs in other ways, so you don't have that constant, desperate craving.Whatever you do, don't /r/Relationships is a community built around helping people and the goal of providing a platform for interpersonal relationship advice between redditors.And riding him on those emotions and uncertainty seemed to have made for better sex.When I finally got a backbone and broke up with him, I yo-yoed completely in the other direction and picked someone who felt safe. And I'm not sure if that's why but we ended up a dead bedroom situation and it was heartbreaking.

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