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Thunderbird not updating

The release of Avast 10.3.2223 ( We think it is that version) has resulted in issues with avasts preventing Thunderbird from functioning correctly.

The workaround appears to be to create an exception in avast for the file in your computers temp folder.

AVG reference here If you use AVG secure VPN you need to set up your mail client.

See here It is important to not that specifying an IP address removes flexibility from your mail connection and may cause issues if the provider changes the Internet Protocol (IP) address used for the server.

All mails and folders are correclty imported from the server.

So, you need to disable the client to save the file on the server but only locally: Account Settings Select 'Copies and Folders' under your account.

Antivirus software can also cause odd behavior (bad, incorrect or unusual), and crashes (random or consistent, infrequent or frequent). (create a wiki account, and select edit to change the wiki) Warning: Your antivirus software probably worked great for ages, across many previous versions of Thunderbird.

When TLS and SSL protocols are used, e-mail scanning either cannot scan e-mails or may block them entirely.

To solve this issue, reconfigure E-mail scanning to listen to the standard unencrypted port (110) or to any unused port Fprot support article here.

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Sometimes it works, but the only test that can be fully trusted is OS safe mode.

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