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In May this year, the Nangchen County People’s Court sentenced the 21 Tibetans in two groups.

Instead he took part in illegal land dealings, forced others into illegal business transaction, blocked local residents from claiming environmental conservation subsidies”.

Zom Ché and his alleged accomplices were charged of illegal land sales and dealings.

Local authorities stated that a group of village residents along with Zom Ché had founded an illegal organisation in the name of environmental protection.

Dugkar and eight others were detained in early May on suspected charges of ‘jeopardizing social order through gambling and casino activities’.

Until his arrest last month, Dugkar was a successful businessman of cattle meat and hides that he ran with his siblings in Ponkar village.

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Local Chinese authorities reported that “the rising trend of stealing and snatching in Serdeu Town had made crimes like murder a common affair.” The monthlong investigations conducted by the County Public Security Bureau identified gambling business as the root cause of these crimes.

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