Tough love steve ward dating advice

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Tough love steve ward dating advice

He can read between the lines, assess his client’s needs, and recommend matches that have long-term potential.

In 2003, after graduating college with his business degree, Steven discovered he had a talent for matchmaking while working for his mother’s company Master Matchmakers.

“We’re giving people the knowledge and know-how to get better results in their love lives.” Building trust among singles is step one for a professional matchmaker, and Master Matchmakers has gone above and beyond in proving the value of its services to potential clients.

“We’re the only licensed and accredited matchmaker in Palm Beach County,” Steven said.

His clients don’t like today’s swiping culture and would rather have a more personalized way of meeting people.

Perhaps they’ve also seen headlines about data breaches or privacy concerns and decided matchmaking is the safer route.

Steve Ward, matchmaker extraordinaire, is taking over reality TV with his hit VH1 show, “Tough Love Miami.” Tough Love Miami is the fourth season of the show as Steve did Tough Love season 1, Tough Love season 2, and Tough Love Couples.

Master Matchmakers has an unparalleled reputation in the industry and a growing influence on singles looking for love.

It’s creating a paralysis of choice.” Singles can feel overwhelmed on a dating site or app with thousands of profiles and little guidance.

These platforms assume that singles know exactly what type of person would be right for them. An experienced matchmaker like Steven can help bridge the gap between what singles think they want and who’s actually right for them.

Steve also talks about the three-text rule, which states that if you send a guy 2 text messages and he hasn’t responded, don’t send him a third! In addition, it’s important not to give away too much information through texting or through online profiles such as Facebook and Myspace. Another fun topic that Steve gives advice on is flirting, with his 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts.

When flirting, you should: smile, make eye contact, flatter, take charge and act gracefully.

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