Updating delphi 6 personal

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Updating delphi 6 personal

Begin Read; try p Filter Version := Make Long(0, 1); p Filter Desc := 'Eggcentric Filter Loader.'; p Flags := ALL_FLAGS; Result := True; finally FDLLSync. Http Filter Proc(var pfc: THTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT; Notification Type: DWORD; pv Notification: Pointer): DWORD; begin Do Update If Needed; FDLLSync.

Begin Write; try // Recheck in case another thread has updated FDLLSync.Begin Write; try // First Determine if we really should Should Reload := (FDLL = 0) or File Exists(FUpdate DLLName); if Should Reload then begin // First unload the DLL if FDLL 0 then begin Free Library(FDLL); FDLL := 0; FCallback Version := nil; FCallback Proc := nil; end; // check for update file, if exists then rename things; if File Exists(FUpdate DLLName) then begin Sys Utils.Delete File(FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FRun DLLName, FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FUpdate DLLName, FRun DLLName); end; // Now load the file if it exists if File Exists(FRun DLLName) then begin FDLL := Load Library(PChar(FRun DLLName)); if FDLL 0 then begin FCallback Version := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Get Filter Version'); FCallback Proc := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Http Filter Proc'); if Assigned(FCallback Version) then begin FCallback Version(p Ver); FFilter Flags := p Flags; end else FFilter Flags := 0; end; end; end; finally FDLLSync. Fn_Get Module unit Fn_Get Module Name; interface uses Windows; function Get Module Name: string; implementation function Get Module Name: string; var File Name: array[0..Doing so will first take too much of your time, and also will stop web traffic and visitors get an error trying to connect to your site.The main deal though is the pain of updating an ISAPI filter during development.

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End Write; end; end; end; function TEgg Filter Loader.