Updating firmware for a81e

Posted by / 05-Sep-2019 15:11

Updating firmware for a81e

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won\u0027t shut down properly.

I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.

This solution is the whole ball of wax in one bite!

So dumb that MS hides it away like that, but, that's what we have experts for (and of course, I'm now an expert on this one)Part of the issue is that this is NOT a one-size-fits all.

Not the same issue for everyone down for my laptop and I used to get the "shutting down" animation and the screen would go blank.

After this generally the power led and the fan should be on for a while..

The section FW upload tab helps you upgrade firmware via the terminal COM port.This standalone application (which is also a part of the standard ENVIS installation) can be used to upgrade firmware for our recent instruments.SMP, SMV, SMPQ, SMC, NEMO and NOVAR 2xxx is supported.The Firmware Management menu is used for updating the 2N Smart Com Server.Select a firmware version and tick off the terminal or group of terminals to be updated to activate the Update button and open the upgrade time setting window.

updating firmware for a81e-16updating firmware for a81e-68updating firmware for a81e-38

There's such a long list of things it could be - hard to nail it down. Be sure that you have them set the way you want them.