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Macs and Windows-based computers have no problem talking when MSN Messenger is doing the translating. As long as you have MSN Messenger, and the person you want to talk to has MSN Messenger, an instant message is the easiest way to chat. By using a simple pop-up menu, you can choose from a variety of expressions that represent facial expressions, hand expressions, beverage glasses, special occasions, and more.

Adjusting your status is a convenient way to control your online presence.

For example, you can set Messenger to "Away" when your computer is idle.

Or, for added security, you can set Messenger to make it appear that you are offline, even when you are not, to block whomever you choose.

Create your own groups, such as "Family," "Work," or "Running Club;" then drag each contact into a group.

Of course, your offline contacts can still be sorted to a "Not Online" group.

MSN Messenger is a popular instant messaging client.OS 9.2.2 is compatible with MSN version 2.5.1, OS 10.1.3 through 10.2.7 works with MSN version 3.5, MSN 4.0.1 is for OS 10.2.8, and MSN 5.1.1 is for versions later than that.Macintosh users have a combined home and corporate client dubbed Microsoft Messenger for Mac rather than MSN Messenger for home use and Windows Messenger for corporate use.After a non-appearence in 2009, users of MSN Messenger for Mac are going to wait several months into 2010 before receiving A/V support.Whether this is relevant to anyone is still anyone's guess.

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Originally posted by aaront: MSN Messenger, while no-so-popular in the U. I am absolutely positive that MSN is not the #1 IM service in Canada.......... I don't believe it, (2007 statistics, does not take into account Google messaging), OMG it doubles the amount of uniques that AIM and Yahoo have. I would love to see the amount of people who use Skype's chat feature in 2009, as I am sure it has had a large increase.

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