Updating name on social security card

Posted by / 05-Mar-2019 04:00

Different versions of the name shown on other required documents must be shown in the other name fields in the Enumeration system following RM 10205.130.If the individual has a single name, see RM 10205.130B for instructions on entering the name shown on the immigration document in the “Other name used by number holder” field.Every year, June marks the beginning of two busy seasons: summer and “wedding season.” With joyful expectation, many of us have already marked our calendars and started wrapping up our plans for the vacations, ceremonies, and honeymoons.While the betrothed work out the details, Social Security wants to remind them about one detail that’s extremely important: the “record” Social Security keeps of your life’s earnings.If you have reported income under your former or maiden name, and didn’t inform us of a change, we might not have received an accurate W-2 and your earnings may have been recorded incorrectly.This is easier to fix now — when you first change your name — than years from now when you retire, when it may cause delays in receiving your benefits.A foreign-born person’s legal name is the name shown on his or her immigration document (includes hyphens and apostrophes).

In general, a US born person’s legal name is the name shown on his or her U. birth certificate (includes hyphens and apostrophes) unless the person’s name has changed based on certain events, such as a marriage or a valid court order for a name change.

This is important because we base your future benefits on your earnings record.

So, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), to find out what specific documents you need to change your name and to apply for a replacement card.

We recently updated instructions for employees to process claims and appeals when a determination of marital status is necessary.

With these changing rules, we encourage anyone who believes they may be eligible for benefits to apply now.

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