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In the on-going battle between the casts of So Random and Mac Kenzie Falls, Chad Dylan Cooper decides that the best way to win is to divide and conquer.By that, he means divide Sonny away from the rest of her cast, which he finds easy to do when her ideas for new sketches no longer seem to be appreciated.

Sonny Munroe, a Wisconsin girl with a popular website, has won a nationwide talent search to move to Los Angeles and star in the television sketch comedy series "So Random." Like many who enter Hollywood for the first time, she finds it's not all it seems to be.Continuing the ending of the first movie, as the people of Chewand Swallow rejoice as the machine was destroyed, Flint's favorite inventor Chester V arrives in a holographic form, saying that the US government has allowed them to clean things up, and also relocating the entire people of Chew and Swallow to San Franjose, California, and also giving Flint a chance to work at Live Corp., also promising that the people will be back within a month.As they were relocated, Flint started his new job at Live corp, Sam has been a well-known weather reporter/meteorologist, “Chicken“ Brent got a job at a local fast-food chain, Manny got random jobs and Earl became a cupcake staff, along with his son, Cal.Sonny takes this seriously, and, worried she will fall in love with Chad tries everything she can to get out of it.In the end, they do the sketch and just as their about to kiss a pig flies into Sonny's hands, so she let's the pig kiss Chad.

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When he was 8 years old, his mom gave him a professional-grade lab coat to cheer him up, and then told him to make more inventions; so he wrote up a "Best Inventor Ever!