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Ruby will be thrown when Max reveals Stacey isn't happy about them dating and becomes determined to get to the bottom of what's going on.Wanting answers, Ruby invites Stacey and a reluctant Martin out on a double date but the atmosphere, unsurprisingly, soon turns sour.Fans of East Enders nationwide were left shocked when Kat Slater recently found out that she actually gave birth to twins back in 1984 when she had her daughter Zoe, and this storyline could be set to make another twist!All we know — via the trustworthy source that is Sister Ruth — is that the baby Kat never knew she had was called Luke and he was taken in by a family from Ireland…. Fans of the BBC1 soap have many theories as to who Kat’s son really is, and so here at EVOKE.ie, we decided to explore them…So who is Kat’s son?The BBC soap is currently revisiting Stacey's connection with Max, paving the way for fresh problems in her marriage to Martin.Stacey's feelings for Max are about to be called into question once again, when she is palpably jealous of his fling with her best friend Ruby.Her father Charlie Slater, Harry’s brother, was unaware of this, assuming that the father was a boy with whom Kat attended school.He and his late wife Viv raised Zoe as their daughter together.

‘ The story was revealed that Harry had sexually abused her, getting her pregnant at the age of thirteen.The woman Zoe had called her mother was really her grandmother, her ‘dad’ was really her uncle and her grandfather; her 'grandmother' was really her great-grandmother; her ‘sister’ was really her mother, her three other 'sisters' were really her aunts and her cousins, and her ‘uncle’ was really her great-uncle and her father!Zoe fled Albert Square, and Kat, insulted by Harry, attempts suicide but is found in the park by Zoe and is rushed to hospital. He was mesmerized by her, and they had a lot of fun, but Kat ditched him when he told her he was falling in love with her.Kathleen "Kat" Moon (née Slater) arrived in Albert Square in 2000 and she is the daughter of Charlie Slater and Viv Slater as well as the mother of Zoe and Luke Slater and Tommy, Bert and Ernie Moon.Kat is the typical Slater, bad tempered and always says what's on her mind, much like her younger cousin Stacey Slater. One day, when Kat was a young girl, she was sick, and she couldn't go to school.

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